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Geffen Ultra Absorbers Plus (3 Pk.) - Wayfaring Baby

Geffen Ultra Absorbers Plus (3 Pk.)

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Universal cloth diaper inserts to be used in any brand or style diaper.

4 layers of 100% microfiber terry

6”x17” before washing, approximately 6”x16.25” after prep with absorbency of 7 ounces.*

Use alone in large diapers or fold to fit smaller diapers.

Layer with hemp absorbers for the ultimate combination of high & fast absorption.

Affordable way to refresh any pocket diaper.

Trim enough to layer to customize absorbency.

Our only synthetic material absorber, do not use directly against skin.

 Pack of 3 inserts 

 Made in the USA.


*All shrinkage and absorbency estimates are approximate and vary based on fabric batch.