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Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers - Wayfaring Baby
Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers - Wayfaring Baby

Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers

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Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers offer natural added absorbency when using cloth diapers! These doublers are especially great for heavy wetters or at nighttime. Use the doublers with any type of cloth diapering system when extra absorbency is needed.

Each Thirsties Organic Cotton Doubler has 4 soft, absorbent layers of 100% organic cotton and are available in 2 different sizes for a custom fit.


  • Newborn - 8.5" H x 3.5" W
  • Small - 11.75" H x 4.5" W
  • Large - 13.5" H x 5" W

Care Information:

  • Prewash on warm
  • Wash soiled doublers on hot
  • Add another rinse on warm
  • Hang to dry or machine dry on low

Fabric Content: 

Thirsties Organic Cotton Doubler:  100% Organic Cotton